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FULL UNCONDITIONAL WAIVER OF LIEN--INDIVIDUAL (M.S.A. 570.1115(8)(c)) My/our contract with to provide (description of work and/or materials) for the improvement to the property described as having
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I hereby consent, under penalty of perjury, to be bound by the terms of this waiver and release. In order to avoid the necessity of filing a lien or liens with the court, a debtor will normally elect to have (i) a fully paid and satisfied construction lien, (ii) the construction lien being discharged, or (iii) the construction lien be extinguished by completing all the required work to release the construction lien. If the debtor does not elect to have a fully paid and satisfied construction lien filed and if construction work has not been completed, a non-viable construction lien may be filed with the court. In that case, the non-viable lien generally exists only at the time construction work begins. It is possible that once the construction work is completed the construction lien may continue to exist even though the construction has not actually been completed, even if the court determines that the work should not be performed in order to release the lien. What happens when I am not allowed to deduct from my wages (or get back money from my bank)? In general, a wage deduction is allowed only if the amount is reasonably related to the work performed. This is generally true unless the amount is excessively large or is the result of a substantial waste of time, effort, materials, or service. It is important to determine what is reasonable for yourself in light of the specific facts of your situation. In most cases, the debtor is permitted to deduct up to 500 in unpaid wages. A wage deduction may be approved by the court only with the written permission of the other party to the loan, except in the case of a bankruptcy. This can be done, for example, if the debtor has paid, or will pay, the other party to return a loan that has not been repaid within the time required by the debtor's bankruptcy petition, and the debtor will not be obligated to repay the outstanding loan until the time has expired. See Bankruptcy Chapter 23, Section 3303. Any wage deduction is subject to a 500 administrative fee to the court. In other cases, the court may order a wage deduction, but only up to 500. This amount may be increased up to 500 on consent of the other party to the loan.

This form is supplied by a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, whenever payment is made. It serves as a receipt for payment and serves as notice to the property owner that construction lien rights are being waived. A full, unconditional waiver such as this one indicates that the contractor or subcontractor has been paid in full and thereby waives all rights to a lien.

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Are you non-believers we didn't believe that a car can't be paid in full by promise every no huh here it is what it is read it for yourself all the ones who want to talk smack mm-hmm every day is right here and cloves is our full payment for four payoff acknowledgment any ml ten thousand one hundred and sixty-one forty-eight representing the total settlement amount agreed upon in the letter of guarantee promissory note you provide it to us encloses our payment of the amount ten thousand one 6148 representing the payoff of the loan amount title will be forwarded for the release to customer above a copy will be sent to State Farm as we requested releasing the lien for this vehicle to the owner title would be properly signed and the authorized representatives title is included it's included on the document now for all you haters that don't think that this is real and that is not possible to discharge your automobile with a promissory note yes I'll promise every note that you create yourself you are private bankers you have that right for those who don't believe now talk smack now because it's in your face huh now moving on to the next car to do the same thing yeah, yeah then write you back the bank, and they'll tell you all we don't accept those type of promise every note, but you have to respond and object to that because they're going to see a document stating that oh it doesn't seem to look valid they use the word seam or not sure if you know they'll use words that that would literally uh legalese that will look like a protection word that will actually protect them it won't hurt them nor destroy them you know um in any type of way, so they'll use certain words by saying it doesn't seem to be valid when you send your promise every note what a word seems that's not a saying that uh it's not, so I wrote them up another document stating that you have no proof or validity that it's not valid seen does not mean it is not so until then you prove that is not, so you're going to take this promise every note, and you're gonna all deposit it, and you're going to send me my title for pay off or pay off on my automobile boom proof is in the pudding baby here it is yeah for all you non-believers what it is now uh-huh enclosed is our full payment for payoff acknowledgment in the amount of 10100 6148 representing the total settlement amount agreement upon the letter of guarantee huh promise every note yeah you see it promise every note you provide it to us, I'm out enough saying it is what it is ha


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